About Us

About Us

Reroot Pontiac is a 501(c)(3) non profit    organization, established in 2016, by Jon  Weyhrauch, to transform blighted properties  in Pontiac into interactive spaces focused on  nature, sustainability, and environmental  topics.  ReRoot strives to introduce the local  communities to the ecological systems
of their surrounding environments and build  natural installations that help repair the  broken landscape of Pontiac. The vision is to  encourage people to experience the  awesomeness of the natural world
through interactive environments. 

Our Mission

We have purchased 14 acres of land in Pontiac to repurpose the land for interactive spaces focused on sustainability and environmental education through experiential learning. The plans revolve around the creation of a Sustainability Center in the community. Having partnered with local universities to perform research on how urban life and local ecosystems affect each other, the Sustainability Center will house disadvantaged students from Oakland and Wayne State Universities for little to no cost and allow them to work on the associated projects, performing lab studies, installing systems, and gaining valuable skills for the future.


We have been involved in projects ranging from building stormwater biofiltration systems, to planting over 5000 trees and native plants. ReRoot Pontiac has been established as one of two certifying organizations of the state of Michigan for the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP)1. Partnering with the NGICP allows us to be involved in training local residents in installing and maintaining green infrastructure (GI) systems.


These are not only translatable to good paying jobs of the present, but sustainable jobs of the future, and jobs which exist to viably address pressures on the framework of our community. Pressures that are only compounded by changes to our climate. As our sewers, power grid, roads and bridges, begin to be redesigned for a vision of the future which goes beyond the next 100 years, certified Green Infrastructure Professionals will have leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field.


This area will serve as a model for how GI can deliver ecosystem services that mitigate some of the environmental pressures exacerbating the human health and environmental justice issues experienced by area residents. ReRoot Pontiac is also seeking partnerships to develop community solar installations that will provide affordable electricity to residents, in an attempt to alleviate various economic pressures by impacting the neighborhoods’ water and electricity bills.


So stop by and see us sometime, grab a shovel, or some gardening gloves, share your ideas. We’re on the Henderson block between M-59 and State st. Just west of the Woodward loop in Pontiac, MI. We can make this city proud, it can truly be an awesome place