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Recent Reroot Highlight: Florence Street Garden

Reroot Pontiac is a Reroot Pontiac is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, established in 2016, to transform blighted properties in Pontiac into interactive spaces focused on nature, sustainability, and environmental topics.

Reroot Pontiac is growing and we would love your help! Please visit, donate, or volunteer!


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We have projects throughout the neighborhood and beyond, and need your help to continue to build and maintain them.  We’re on site all day on Saturdays starting at 11am to work on our ever evolving projects, have conversations on environmental and social topics, or just to enjoy time amongst a wide variety of folks who come through the doors at Reroot Pontiac.   Anyone and everyone is welcome, all involvement is appreciated.  

We also have events intermittently throughout the year, check the calendar and the socials for any upcoming events.  


We are in need of any financial assistance that you can send our way.  You can donate HERE or on Patreon.  All donations are appreciated and will be used to continue our mission.

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