Sustainability Center

The Sustainability Center will serve as a model for how healthy ecosystems can work together delivering ecosystem services to help mitigate some of the pressures on environmental justice and human health issues.  In the backyard of the center, we will feature a water collection system, wetlands simulation with an aquaponics system, and a greenhouse for native plant germination.  These installations will provide an experiential example of how ecosystems function and promote a healthy environment for life.  By showcasing and addressing these natural and man-made pressures, we intend to educate the community about the importance of healthy environments, reduce the impact of stormwater on the local water infrastructure and positively impact the water bills of the surrounding neighborhoods. 


We are partnering with local universities to perform research on the impact of urban life on the local ecosystems.  Reroot Pontiac is working with Pontiac High School to become a preferred partner for supporting their Oakland University scholarship program.  We will target students with a 3.0 GPA and interest in science and sustainability to live at the Sustainability Center for free while participating in research studies and project management activities.  This allows them to obtain multiple years of field experience and adequately prepare them for a successful future.  We are building a brick patio with a pizza oven and grill for hosting community gatherings, educational presentations, and fundraising activities.